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Around The Bay Home Inspections is led by certified inspector Robert Brown who provides reliable home inspector services in Richmond CA. It offers standardized safety assurance for residences in the Greater Bay Area. Bob ensures a valuable inspection experience with eight years in County Public Works and 25 years in engineering and construction. Our process involves an open dialogue, fact-finding reports, and actionable recommendations for corrective action when needed. This process mentioned above sets us as the best Richmond home inspectors company. Ultimately, we enhance your home’s value and energy savings.


Home Inspectors

Our home inspector services in Richmond CA, involve comprehensive evaluations of residential properties, identifying potential issues, and recommending corrective actions for your peace of mind.

Roof Inspectors

Thoroughly assess roofing structures to ensure safety, longevity, and protection from the elements, safeguarding your investment.

Floor Inspection

A detailed examination of flooring materials and conditions ensures optimal functionality and enhances aesthetics in your home.

Virtual Consultations

Convenient online sessions provide expert advice on property concerns and improvement opportunities, empowering you to make informed decisions from the comfort of your space.

Why Choose Home Inspector Services ?

Trusted Expertise

Our certified best home inspectors in Richmond CA, with over 25 years of engineering and construction experience, offer reliable and thorough evaluations. We ensure that you are satisfied with your property's condition.

Swift and Comprehensive Reports

You will receive detailed Spectora reports within 24 hours, providing all the necessary information to make informed decisions about your property's safety and maintenance.

Home Inspector Services in Richmond

Around The Bay Home Inspections take pride in our team of InterNACHI-trained inspectors who provide professional home inspector services in Richmond CA. We are certified in California home inspections and have invested more than two decades in enhancing skills. You’ll save time and money by choosing us while gaining access to our inspectors’ extensive inspection experience. They are adept at identifying and documenting deficiencies in various building systems, ensuring you comprehensively understand your property’s condition. We promise you a timely and detailed home inspection report backed by our commitment to excellent customer service. Thousands of people have trusted our home inspector services in Richmond CA. Now it’s time to get a safe and thorough inspection that provides valuable insight to make intelligent decisions for your home’s well-being and value.